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Born In The Golf Circuit Joyasbarbacana

(Source The month of May comes the Circuit Joyasbarbacana, which begins with important challenges. Four tests will I Joyasbarbacana Circuit. Each of the tournaments that make up the circuit, have a common denominator, will take enviable frame in which you can discover playing golf paradise.
During the tournament, and prizes in the clubhouse of the golf course, which is held each test circuit, Joyasbarbacana held an exhibition of jewels which will take place the official presentation of the "Golf".
The mode of play is Stableford and the upper and lower level male and female.
The first test will be May 10 2008 and the venue for the First Circuit Joyasbarbacana Test I, is the Campo de Golf de Costa Teguise Lanzarote. This golf course is situated at the foot of an old volcano and has stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean. The course has an 18-hole course designed by British John Harris and built in 1978. The field is not only a marvel for its design but the circumstances in which it is found throughout the year. A privileged location join the attractions of a pleasant climate, warm all year round, softened by the sea breeze influences involves the almost constant trade winds.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everything I have learned on the golf coaching

By : Franck Damée

A few years ago, I realized I had become too old to continue to run tennis, then I started golf. What I did not know then was that I was perhaps too young for this sport: the more I m'acharnais, the more I resisted! Over the years, I learned patience, acceptance, the unknown, humility.
Now I play ...

When I was little, I found the game easy. It took me many years of practice before you understand how difficult it was. (Raymond Floyd, professional golfer)

Note to drive non-golfer. I tried to limit the text that follows the golf jargon o) You will find, however below are some links to better understand and discover the sport. C3% A8gles_de_Golf

How golf illuminates my coaching practice ...

The analogy

"Your behavior on the golf course generally reflects your behavior in life. (Jammie Green, professional golfer)

"A golf course is the epitome of all that is purely transitory in the universe, a space that is not to stay, but to leave as soon as possible. "(Jean Giraudoux, French writer)

Golf is a mirror of life. Harvey Penick, a professional, very rightly said: "Play one route with someone, and you know much more about him that dozens of dinners in town. Just watch how a player approaches the hole to remove the ball and you think it will adhere to the green and the other players ... "

In my practice, I learned to take the pitch to observe what happens when I'm coaching a client. You never know, it could be that it resonates with what led him to consult me ...

The label

In contrast to many other sports, the game of golf is mostly practiced without the supervision of an arbitrator or a judge. The game relies on the honesty of the player as regards respect for other players that compliance with the Rules. (Excerpt from the Rules of Golf approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews)

Golf in the rules of etiquette and meeting the well are as important as the proper rules of the game (Bobby Jones, golf legend)

If there is one essential thing in golf, it's honesty (Jack Nicklaus, another golf legend)

In golf, the label above the rules; coaching as the charter of ethics above the contract.

The charter is the ethical basis of professional practice of coaching. It ensures fairness: the coach, the client, that of their relationship ... and honesty breeds trust and shared essential to coaching.

The course does not a priori, only the player is capable

The older you get the stronger the wind gets and it's always in your face. (Jack Nicklaus, the Golden Bear)

The route is the same for all players, each player uses it differently. Your storm against the tree that stands between him and the hole, you blame the wind for your ball deflected to the left ...

Some are struggling against the elements when others use your client ... you surprised, you ask him a question and it does not give you the answer you were expecting ... Because you expect a very accurate! Resistant?

The only person I can change, c'est moi.

The greatest victories are those that are won on oneself. (Bobby Jones, always him)

I can not change either the terrain or weather, or my partners part. Nor can I change my ball up, I played where it lies. If I play badly, if I have no result, it's me that I must change to something different.

I coach, I and my client's problem. If we do not, if we are in a deadlock, it is not the score that I upsetting me is that I change.

Do more of what works when things change ... does not.

Concentrate on solutions, not errors. (Jack Nicklaus)

When I have a good contact with my long irons, I do not hesitate to use them rather than the woods ... If my first lobed approaches are vague and perilous, I rode a coup for the following approaches. If I play well, if it works, I do more of what works. Otherwise, I try something else.

Keeping it simple, be practical ... The three rules of the Guidance Solutions by Yves Gros-Louis, psychologist:
1 - If it works, do not change!
2 - Once you know what works, do more of what works!
3 - If it does not work, stop it and do something different

Step by step

This is neither new nor original to say that golf is played in one at a time, but it took several years for realizing it (Bobby Jones)

A golf course consists of 18 holes. A player hitting an average of 4 strokes per hole, or 72 shots in total. The purpose of the game is to "enquiller" the ball in the eighteenth hole affecting the least shots possible.
When I start on the first hole, I do not think the last time on 18, or even the final score. The only time the next important thing is that I will play.

An objective always seems difficult to achieve (if not, is not a goal, we speak ...) When the problem is complex, when the step is too high to cross, I decomposes.
The "small step" negotiated with the client is a difficult enough to make it a goal for the client, but it is accessible to able to achieve.
Setting small goals is more comfortable and more effective to set big goals unattainable ...

Small changes produce large effects

I improve my game, I reach more rarely spectators. (Gerald Ford, President of USA)

Change the angle of your 3-wood of a single degree and your shot will fall from 220 meters to the goal 3m84 initially targeted. Perhaps the distance between the green of the river that borders the ...

Theory of chaos or disorder organizer ... Coaching leads to the small steps that produce large effects.

Imbalance arises from the movement

Golf is a strange series of body contortions designed to produce a result Charge (Thomas D. Armor, professional golfer)

Swing, the essence of golf: the strange movement that is seemingly all over the body in balance, it is the conquest of power transmitted to the ball.

I discovered it was easier to make a ballerina doing a Sumotori camping tips on two legs. And why a sumo could not make a tip? The change is far from equilibrium ...

Let go

The only shots that you are really sure that you have already made (Byron Nelson, professional golfer)

In golf, it succeeds better in practice (in training) when there is no issue. It is more relaxed, attempts blows. In part, it was sometimes (often?) Tend to stiffen, stifle the grip (the "neck" of the club) we imagine that pressing harder, better control on the ball to impose the trajectory. Obviously, quite the contrary! Letting go is to first learn to release the grip.

Let go for a coach is not to accept any control is to follow the path which leads to his client rather than a scenario prepared in advance. This acceptance of the unknown is to copy the client can consider the change.

The indifference to the result

"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots, you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies. "(Bobby Jones, always him)

You are on the green, so close to the hole, you place your routine, measured the distance that the ball is rolling, the estimated slopes, the imagined trajectory, is a vacuum in your head ... a movement of peace and balance balanced, you clear the ball rolling ... What! You forgot to make a vacuum in your head? You were already in the process of recording your points before "enquillé" the ball! Too bad ... It misses.

It never succeeds so well that when one is serene, indifferent to the result. I do what is right, I want the (not too close) I manage my routine (without falling in) I am present to my client ... and I welcome the unknown brings with it humility .


I discovered that to succeed in the world of golf, one must first accept ourselves as human beings capable of self-improvement and become someone better (Gary Player, another legend)

The challenge of golf is to accept to be imperfect (Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player buddy)

Professional players are surprising people when they pass a difficult time, they are surprising. Yet they have never achieved this coup had not tried.

A coach is not perfect since it is human ... (whew!) I am not perfect and it does not prevent me to dare to try things during a coaching session ... If it works, it is a success. If it does not work, this is not a failure, it is an attempt which I learn, which my client learns. The failure would be not to try

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Are Golf Courses Designed The Way That They Are

By Carl Walker

No matter where you go on this great big planet of ours you are bound to come across at least a few golf courses. These days golf courses are the must have for all countries and that is because now more than ever, golf is a major tourist attraction. People travel far and wide to visit the best and most talked about golf courses. That is why so much time and effort, not to mention money is poured into these projects each and every year.

If you love to play golf then you know how great really good golf courses can be. Playing on world class golf courses is very different than playing on a poorly designed one. If you are like me, and like most true golfers, you search for the golf courses that will provide the most amazing game play of all.

The world would not be such a magnificent place as it is if not for great golf courses now would it. And who do we have to thank for these fantastic golf courses? Well here, we usually thank the USGA. They are the ones who have come up with the most amazing guidelines for golf course designers to follow. All of the best golf courses have been built to their find standards. Since way back in 1960 those who design golf courses have been building the most fabulous of all courses according to the ideas set out by the USGA and people from all around the world have been thanking their lucky stars.

The perfect golf courses are not only designed to provide the best golf game, they are also designed in a way that will look gorgeous. All of the greatest golf courses are a wonder of design I that they look glorious and they play like a dream. To live in a place with a view of these kinds of golf courses is something that most people dream of, that is how great they can look.

There is much more to the design of good golf courses though. Such as the number of slopes and waterways. Good golf courses will have plenty of both. These kinds of obstacles are necessary for any good and challenging game. No one wants their golf game to be too easy and that is why these types of things are added into the equation when designing golf courses. The intrigue the eye and provide you with amazing opportunities to outwit and out play your opponents.

Most of us take for granted the golf courses in out area. We just play there and have fun but we do not take into consideration the amount of work and planning that goes into each and everyone of these fantastic golf courses. It takes years to plan the best golf courses and it is about time that we recognized this fact and game the appreciation that they designers of golf courses deserve to them once and for all.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everything I have learned on the golf coaching (or otherwise)

A few years ago, I realized I had become too old to continue to run tennis, then I started golf. What I did not know then was that I was perhaps too young for this sport the more I m'acharnais more I resisted! Over the years, I learned patience, acceptance, the unknown, humility.
Now I play ...

When I was little, I found the game easy. It took me many years of practice before you understand how difficult it was. (Raymond Floyd, professional golfer)

Note to reader non-golfer. I tried to limit the text that follows the golfing jargon o) You find nevertheless below some links to better understand and discover the sport.
Comment le golf éclaire ma pratique du coaching…


« Votre comportement sur un terrain de golf reflète en général votre comportement dans la vie. » (Jammie Green, golfeuse professionnelle)

« Un terrain de golf est l’exemple même de tout ce qui est purement transitoire dans l’univers, un espace qui n’est pas fait pour y rester, mais pour en partir le plus vite possible. » (Jean Giraudoux, écrivain français)

Le golf est un miroir de la vie. Harvey Penick, joueur professionnel, disait fort justement : « Jouez un seul parcours avec quelqu'un, et vous en saurez beaucoup plus long sur lui qu'en des dizaines de dîners en ville. Observez simplement comment un joueur s'approche du trou pour retirer sa balle et vous saurez s'il pense à respecter le green et les autres joueurs... »

Dans ma pratique professionnelle, j’ai appris à prendre de la hauteur pour observer ce qui se passe quand je coache un client. On ne sait jamais, il se pourrait que cela résonne avec ce qui l’amène à me consulter…


A la différence de nombreux autres sports, le jeu de golf est en majeure partie pratiqué sans le contrôle d’un arbitre ou d’un juge. Le jeu repose sur l’honnêteté du joueur tant en ce qui concerne le respect des autres joueurs que l’observation des Règles. (Extrait des règles du golf approuvées par le Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews)

En Golf les règles de l'étiquette et de la bien-séance sont aussi importantes que les règles proprement dites du jeu. (Bobby Jones, légende du golf)

S’il est une chose essentielle au golf, c’est l’honnêteté (Jack Nicklaus, autre légende du golf)

Au golf, l’étiquette précède les règles ; comme en coaching la charte de déontologie précède le contrat.

La charte est le fondement éthique de la pratique professionnelle du coaching. Elle garantit l’honnêteté : celle du coach, celle du client, celle de leur relation… Et l’honnêteté engendre la confiance mutuelle et partagée, indispensable au coaching.

Le parcours ne résiste pas à priori, seul le joueur en est capable

The older you get the stronger the wind gets and it's always in your face. (Jack Nicklaus, the golden bear)

Le parcours est le même pour tous les joueurs, mais chaque joueur l’utilise différemment. Votre partenaire tempête contre cet arbre qui s’interpose entre lui et le trou, vous accusez le vent d’avoir dévié votre balle sur la gauche…

Certains se battent contre les éléments quand d’autres les utilisent… Votre client vous surprend, vous lui posez une question et il ne vous donne pas la réponse que vous attendiez… Parce que vous en attendiez une bien précise ?! Qui résiste ?

La seule personne que je peux changer, c’est moi.

Les plus grandes victoires sont celles que l’on remporte sur soi-même. (Bobby Jones, toujours lui)

Je ne peux changer ni la configuration du terrain, ni les conditions climatiques, ni mes partenaires de partie. Je ne peux pas davantage changer ma balle de place, je la joue là où elle repose. Si je joue mal, si je n’ai pas de résultat, c’est moi que je dois changer pour faire quelque chose de différent.

Je suis coach, j’accueille mon client et sa problématique. Si nous n’avançons pas, si nous sommes dans une impasse, ce n’est pas le client que je remets en cause, c’est moi que je change.

Faire davantage ce qui marche… Changer quand ça ne marche pas.

Concentre-toi sur les solutions et non sur les erreurs. (Jack Nicklaus)

Lorsque j’ai un bon contact avec mes longs fers, je n’hésite pas à les utiliser plutôt que les bois… Si mes premières approches lobées sont imprécises et périlleuses, j’essaie un coup roulé pour assurer les approches suivantes. Si je joue bien, si ça marche, je fais davantage ce qui marche. Sinon, je tente autre chose.

Faire simple, être pragmatique… Les trois règles de l’Orientation Solutions selon Yves Gros-Louis, psychologue :
1- Si ça marche, ne le changez pas !
2- Une fois que vous connaissez ce qui marche, faites davantage ce qui marche !
3- Si ça ne marche pas, cessez-le et faites quelque chose de différent

Step by step

Ce n’est ni nouveau ni original de dire que le golf se joue en un coup à la fois, mais il m’a fallu plusieurs années pour m’en rendre compte (Bobby Jones)

Un parcours de golf est constitué de 18 trous. Un joueur professionnel frappe en moyenne 4 coups par trou, soit 72 coups au total. La finalité du jeu est d’arriver à « enquiller » la balle dans le dix-huitième trou en ayant frappé le moins de coups possibles.
Quand je suis sur le départ du premier trou, je ne pense pas au dernier coup sur le 18, ni même au score final. Le seul coup important est le prochain que je vais jouer.

Un objectif paraît toujours difficile à atteindre (sinon, ce n’est pas un objectif, on en parle pas…) Quand le problème est complexe, quand la marche est trop haute à franchir, je décompose.
Le « petit pas » négocié avec le client est une action juste assez difficile pour qu’elle soit un objectif pour le client, mais accessible pour qu’il soit en mesure de la réaliser.
Se fixer de petits objectifs réalisables est plus confortable et plus efficace que de se fixer de grands objectifs inatteignables...

Les petits changements génèrent de grands effets

J’améliore mon jeu, j'atteins plus rarement les spectateurs. (Gérald Ford, Président des Etats Unis)

Changez l’angle d’attaque de votre bois 3 d’un seul degré et votre coup de 220 mètres tombera à 3m84 de l’objectif initialement visé. Peut-être la distance qui sépare le green de la rivière qui le borde…

Théorie du chaos ou désordre organisateur… Le coaching entraîne à faire les « petits pas » qui produisent de grands effets.

Du déséquilibre naît le mouvement

Le golf est une étrange série de contorsions du corps conçues pour aboutir à un résultat gracieux (Thomas D. Armour, golfeur professionnel)

Le swing, l’essence du golf : ce drôle de mouvement qui met en apparence tout le corps en déséquilibre, c’est la conquête de la puissance transmise à la balle.

J’ai découvert qu’il était plus facile de faire bouger une ballerine faisant des pointes qu’un sumotori campé sur ses deux jambes. Et pourquoi un sumo ne pourrait pas faire de pointes ? Le changement se fait loin de l’équilibre…

Lâcher prise

Les seuls coups dont vous soyez vraiment sûr sont ceux que vous avez déjà faits (Byron Nelson, golfeur professionnel)

Au golf, on réussit toujours mieux au practice (à l’entraînement) lorsqu’il n’y a pas d’enjeu. On est plus détendu, on tente des coups. En partie, on a parfois (souvent ?) tendance à se raidir, à étouffer le grip (le « manche » du club) On s’imagine qu’en serrant plus fort, on contrôle mieux la balle pour lui imposer la trajectoire. Evidemment, c’est tout le contraire ! Lâcher prise, c’est d’abord apprendre à relâcher le grip.

Lâcher prise pour un coach, c’est accepter de ne pas tout maîtriser, c’est suivre le chemin où l’entraîne son client plutôt qu’un scénario préparé à l’avance. Cette acceptation de l’inconnu est exemplaire pour le client qui peut ainsi envisager le changement.

L’indifférence au résultat

« Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots ; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies. » (Bobby Jones, toujours lui)

Vous êtes sur le green, si près du trou, vous avez déroulé votre routine, mesuré la distance sur laquelle la balle doit rouler, évalué les pentes, imaginé la trajectoire, fait le vide dans votre tête… D’un mouvement de balancier calme et équilibré, vous effacez la balle, qui roule… Quoi ! Vous avez oublié de faire le vide dans votre tête ? Vous étiez déjà en train de comptabiliser vos points avant d’avoir « enquillé » la balle ! Dommage… Elle passe à coté.

On ne réussit jamais si bien que lorsqu’on est serein, indifférent au résultat. Je fais ce qui est bien, je tiens le cadre (sans trop le serrer) je gère ma routine (sans tomber dedans) je suis présent à mon client… Et j’accueille la part d’inconnu qu’il m’apporte avec humilité.


J’ai découvert que pour réussir dans le monde du golf, il faut d’abord s’accepter soi-même en tant qu’être humain capable de se perfectionner et de devenir quelqu’un de meilleur (Gary Player, encore une légende)

Le défi du golf, c’est d’accepter d’être imparfait (Jack Nicklaus, copain de Gary Player)

Les joueurs professionnels sont des gens surprenants : quand ils réussissent un coup difficile, ils s’en étonnent. Pourtant, ils n’auraient jamais réalisé ce coup s’ils ne l’avaient pas tenté.

Un coach n’est pas parfait… puisqu’il est humain (ouf !) Je ne suis pas parfait et cela ne m’empêche pas d’oser, de tenter des choses au cours d’une séance de coaching… Si ça marche, c’est une réussite. Si ça ne marche pas, ce n’est pas un échec, c’est une tentative de laquelle j’apprends, de laquelle mon client apprend. L’échec, ce serait de ne rien tenter.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As The Great Masters golf during the Volvo Masters

The more traditional appointment of golf in our country, the Volvo Masters, this year celebrates its twenty-first and last edition of Oct. 30 to Nov. 2. Meet and, most recently in Europe to land the 60 best in the European circuit, and thousands of fans Spaniards and foreigners. A closed season with 4.25 billion euros at stake, beyond the purely sporting level and becomes a social event of first magnitude. A perfect excuse for a trip to the Costa del Golf enjoying one of the most exciting events of the circuit at the same time practicing golf in some of the best courses in Spain. 
The weekly pass only costs € 76.5 and gives the possibility, by lot, to win one of the coveted seats on its PROAM of October 29. But for the truly daring, the package "After the Masters" (from 1159 € to 6 nights) will be like a dream come true. Staying in 5-star hotel and enjoy the final of the tournament live, may recall at first hand the unbelievable strokes of some of the stars of world golf, playing at the legendary Valderrama barely 36 hours after the end of the tournament. Same positions flag, same streets impossible to test your game. In addition it also includes green fees in fields as exceptional as The Reserve or the Club de Golf Sotogrande and San Roque Old Course.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Customize the Way you Play With Customized Golf Clubs

Golf clubs greatly affect the way you play the game. If you want to make sure that you would be making that killer shot, customized golf clubs might be just what you need. Golf club customization would include fitting your clubs in three different lies, which would be standard, upright and flat to improve your game. Having golf clubs that are custom-made also lets you select the materials and the grip and also help you in setting your driving range so that you would be getting the most out of your clubs.

You would also be able to select the materials for the club heads and the shafts. This would give you the ability to choose the flexibility you need for your drive and your swing. However, it is important that you consider some things when you have your golf clubs customized. These would be if you play with your left or right hand, if you wear shoes that have flat soles, if you have your arms on your sides, what the distance between the floor and your wrist is, what the size of your gloves is and what your present handicap on an 18-hole green is.

Other questions that they would ask before customizing your clubs would be your accuracy, your driving distance, chipping and putting techniques and your recovery and ball hitting. Additionally, you would need to know how far your ball goes with your 5 iron; if you do any of these more often than the others: hook, straight, draw, fade, slice; what the make and flexibility of your current driver and shaft are; and the type of golf ball you are using.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Showcase Web Joyasbarbacana

Since late 1990, economist Arthur Bryan coined the term "New Economy" to refer to developments that the United States and other developed countries were experiencing due to new developments in technology and economic globalization, many companies warned a change in economic. They were facing a state of steady growth and continuous ongoing at present, and even that has left at the obsolescence of old business practices.

This is so the online world has been consolidated in a hole that all companies must be present, or even many of them base their activity in this environment, as so-called dot-com companies. That is why the online market has earned the trust of millions of users who choose this path for the development of their purchases.

The main reasons argue that users are directly connected with the comfort that these services they provide. The development of techniques online market, as well as collaborations with the banks that have business, certify the security and confidentiality of the data used in these types of transactions, which in its infancy supposed one of the main reasons for rejection and distrust.

While there were sectors in this Internet pioneers such as tourism, the fact remains that at present there is no sector which it stands. The Web is the biggest showcase world where all companies, regardless of their nature want to be present. Such is the case with the company Barbican, devoted to jewelry, and which has recently released its web portal with the aim of joining the new currents that move the economy and go well into the adventure market online with the challenge of presenting its virtual storefront to all sailors, interact with them and put at its disposal all the knowledge, events, and currently around them, which soon will find sections on its website.

Barbican born in 2000 as a retail outlet located in the Hotel Melia Castilla in Madrid, offering the public a range of jewellery and goldsmith in silver, designed and made by craftsmen jewellers group to which it belongs. There are several lines dedicated to high jewelry based on gemstones and jewelry also offers modern and functional, with the new line in gold molecular or daring line of silver jewelry.

The watch also makes a hole in the web, offering a line of watches aimed at men and women today.

And for lovers of golf, the firm offers a wide range of specialized products in this sport. Thanks to their collaboration and participation in the world of golf is present in the most prestigious clubs, such as Costa Teguise Golf Lanzarote with the Circuit de Golf JoyasBarbacana that early next month of May will begin.